Wednesday, June 25, 2008


“Basically, we can mass produce these now,” said Kazuaki Umezu, head of Honda’s Automobile New Model Center, where the FCX Clarity is built. “We are waiting for the infrastructure to catch up.”
Must have skipped over this ground-breaking news in an article from the NYT. For the record, Umezu is referring to hydrogen powered cars.


Through a proxy, John McCain: "I am aware of the Internet."

I like the comment on Politico that notes:

It's pretty bad when the best we can say for McCain is that he is "aware" of his surroundings.


This ability to have the presence to schedule time with these two audiences and use ideas/products of each to form progressive, intelligent policies differentiates Obama from McCain and/or the GOP.

The Naders and Kucinichs that criticize the second meeting clearly have their heads up their asses.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Confidence in the Iraqi economy

A Jim Michaels-bylined headline at USA Today notes:

Foreign firms investing in Iraq
This, I believe, is the next best thing to the international involvement of other governments helping to secure Iraq. As happened in the United States, "it's corporations, not government, that drive many big social changes."

Michaels notes this new involvement couldn't have happened if the violence level hadn't decreased. Things are, quote-unquote, changing in Iraq.

I do disagree with "the Pentagon official who is leading U.S. efforts to help Iraq rebuild its economy" who says that companies from the U.S.:
"may also be reluctant to invest in Iraq because the war has generated so much controversy at home."
Dollars are dollars. If so, other countries' populaces would be objecting to their companies helping in the effort.

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