Saturday, June 30, 2007

Copa America

Yahoo! soccer commentator Brian Homewood made an accurate yet stinging assessment of the USA-Argentina game, noting:

"The U.S., who like Mexico take part by invitation, proved very much to be the party poopers.

Not only did they bring a second-string line-up but, unlike any of the other 11 teams, they packed nine or ten players behind the ball and made no real attempt to win the game."

Unfortunately, true. The USA lost 4-1, but was tied 1-1 at the half.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If you got the time

While randomly browsing the Wikipedia entry for Christopher Hitchens, I came across a link to a rebuttal posting by Wes Walls to Hitchens' stance on the war in Iraq and the circumstances leading up to it.

Very worth reading.

An excerpt:

Let [Hitchens] tell [the Iraqis] how, consequences be damned, he was right, because by his math a world minus a bad man is a better world, notwithstanding the subtraction of a few hundred thousand lives. Let him tell them that this is exactly what he means, as if one writer sticking to his imaginary guns were itself such an act of fortitude that it redeems any amount of actual destruction.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


The CONCACAF Gold Cup runs through the 24th of June, with the final and semifinals in Chicago.

If USA beats Panama, then most likely Canada, and Mexico beats Costa Rica and then most likely Honduras, it'll set up a USA-Mexico showdown at Soldier Field.

Cross your fingers.


USA vs. Canada is Thursday at 6pm CST, and Mexico vs. Guadeloupe (?!?) is at 9.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dog fighting

Michael Vick is stupid.

A Sports Illustrated Special Report calls some attention to the Vick-dogfighting scandal and the "grisly pastime".

My take. if it's against the law it's bad, right...the law's the law, good or bad (someone said), we can't grant exceptions to the law, just because someone doesn't like it. *end sarcasm*

Independent of that, I think it's a pretty sick "sport" or "hobby" or whatever anyone calls it.

Regardless of what dogs were bred to do, doesn't mean it's okay now, I think (please note the reference to the "rape stand").

I think there's something missing in people who enjoy this. Like a soul.

Vick is/was my favorite NFL athlete to watch on the field.

If he gets suspended, maybe it puts some fear into the rest of the "hypercompetitive" overcompensating athletes to find another "hobby" or "sport" (maybe they could read to middle-schoolers once a week...oh wait, they can't read their own multi-million-dollar contracts).

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