Friday, June 01, 2007

Dog fighting

Michael Vick is stupid.

A Sports Illustrated Special Report calls some attention to the Vick-dogfighting scandal and the "grisly pastime".

My take. if it's against the law it's bad, right...the law's the law, good or bad (someone said), we can't grant exceptions to the law, just because someone doesn't like it. *end sarcasm*

Independent of that, I think it's a pretty sick "sport" or "hobby" or whatever anyone calls it.

Regardless of what dogs were bred to do, doesn't mean it's okay now, I think (please note the reference to the "rape stand").

I think there's something missing in people who enjoy this. Like a soul.

Vick is/was my favorite NFL athlete to watch on the field.

If he gets suspended, maybe it puts some fear into the rest of the "hypercompetitive" overcompensating athletes to find another "hobby" or "sport" (maybe they could read to middle-schoolers once a week...oh wait, they can't read their own multi-million-dollar contracts).

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