Monday, January 30, 2006

Broncos offensive coordinator.

From Mike Shanahan hired Rick Dennison, his offensive line coach, to replace Gary Kubiak as his offensive coordinator. The most important paragraph of the story is the last:

Dennison has been with the Broncos since Shanahan was hired as coach in 1995.
The former Broncos linebacker (1982-90) appeared in three Super Bowls as a
player and served as the team's offensive line coach for the last five seasons.
During that time, the Broncos rushed for an NFL-best 11,644 yards and
surrendered the fifth-fewest sacks (151), including a franchise-low 15 in 2004.
Not for nothing, but how does a linebacker become an offensive coordinator, by way of great offensive line coach?

Study the opposition long enough, you understand it better than most. Well enough to become the opposition. There's a lesson in this somewhere.

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