Friday, February 10, 2006

"Donovan McNabb of the Senate"

From the Philadelphia News-Inquirer, details of an exchange on Rush Limbaugh's talk show. What I love about Limbaugh, is he's not afraid of anything. Especially being wrong....more than once.

The caller said: "Barack Obama is the Donovan McNabb of the Senate. He's
overrated, and he's going to get a free pass by the media." He also said Obama -
in his words, "well-spoken" and "well-mannered" - is "like a Bill Clinton, but
just a different shade, that's all." Did Limbaugh take the caller to task for his racially tinged views? What do you think? "I kind of like that analogy that he is the Donovan McNabb of the U.S. Senate," Limbaugh enthused, adding, "in the sense that he is being propped up... because they want to see him do well."

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