Monday, April 10, 2006

Petition to Overturn Abortion Ban in South Dakota

From the Los Angeles Times via National Journal's Hotline, an article about a semi-grassroots effort to sign petitions to put the ban on the November ballot where it could have the chance of being overturned.

One opponent of abortion, and supposed supporter of the ban (which bans abortion, even in cases of incest and rape) said the following:

"I don't believe in abortion. It's just an excuse to get wild," said Daniel Perea, 28. "Guys think, 'Oh well, if you end up pregnant, all we have to do is come up with $300 and we can go across the state and get an abortion.' It's very dangerous to let people choose that."

Perea said he spoke from experience: He helped three former girlfriends obtain abortions. He believes God punished him with a childless marriage and his recent divorce; he wants to make sure other couples don't make the same mistake. "We have to put our foot down," he said.
This is a guy who's opinion is important and valuable. I mean, right? He's against abortion, after he helped not one, not two, but three women get one. And God has punished him for that. I think he's probably a loser who women didn't want to have a kid with, let alone be married to. Those three abortions and former marriage with no kids are evidence that women saw something in him that wasn't right. That, or he convinced them he was allergic to latex.

I don't think people view abortion as an "excuse to get wild." I think Mr. Perea views it as an excuse to get wild. He thinks it was a pain in the ass to scrap together $300 each time and trek across the state each time.

His own motivations are not everyone's.

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