Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why aren't we them...

A friend compared the Global War on Terror to the Cold War, saying:
"We will have times where it will wax and wane in the severity and attention but will take a long time to break them."
My view is that Communist Russia and fundamentalist Islam are connected in their authoritarian worldview. However, Communist Russians were not willing to die for their cause. This is evident by the rampant corruption in those failed states. Those in power weren't willing to be poor like their countrymen and so the system and the idealogy died for the most part. China is Communist is name only now, and Cuba, well, it's Cuba.

However, Islamists ARE willing to die for their cause (see New York City, Washington, DC on 9/11, as well as Madrid and London bombings). This distinguishing characteristic separates the GWoT from the Cold War.

The difference between "radical" Christians and Islamists is that "radical" Christians don't kill themselves. However, what "radical" Christians and Islamists do want is a governmental system that operates with the Bible as its Constitution and Sharia law, respectively. The only thing stopping "radical" Christians from overrunning America, or the South or making a criminal justice system with Christian values is...our Constitution and liberals.

This brings up an interesting point: What is preventing Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson from taking over the country? Are we being saved by our...sinfulness?

That's a thought that's going to fester.

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