Monday, February 26, 2007

Press conference question

A freebie for Democratic presidential primary reporters who can't come up with good material:

"Senator Obama, you sided with the senior senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, on voting against the Iraq War authorization, but voted to confirm Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, unlike Sen. Durbin. What circumstances caused you to agree and disagree with him on those occasions, and how should 2008 Democratic primary voters weigh those votes against your current position and future plans for the Iraq War?"

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Bill Baar said...

I think Obama and Durbin both voted to confirm Gen Petraeus but now waffle on confirming or paying for the General's mission.

That's another question worth asking both.

If Obama elected commander-in-chief, it's a question his Generals will have in the back of their minds too I suspect.

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