Friday, October 26, 2007

Octrotalk Rocked My World (in a bad way) **UPDATED**

After installing and successfully using Octrotalk on my Treo 700w, the program added duplicate contacts to my Gmail contacts list.

Now, in the standard view with chat enabled, Gmail is rendered useless after one click-through. Everything works hunky-dory with chat disabled in Gmail. With chat enable, no links work (minus the first one I click). Firefox says there is an unresponsive script. Same problem on 3 different machines with two browsers.


I even deleted Octro-related contacts from my contact list and the problem persists.

Not sure how a third-party vendor of chat software can affect Gmail's interface, but if hadn't happened, I wouldn't have believed it possible!


Removing legacy connections (i.e. MSN, Yahoo and AIM) and then removing the Octro contacts from my Gmail contact list eventually fixed the problem!


Octro said...

Try going to OctroTalk and to Options->Accounts->Legacy accounts. Disable the accounts MSN/Y!/AIM/ICQ accounts that you have configured, and that will revert your roster to its original format.

BTW, did you try sending an email to

octro said...

OctroTalk has released new version 1.20. Release Notes (Window Mobile Smartphone & Pocket PC)
1. Improvement in the VOIP quality for low bandwidth codec and reduction in the CPU usage.
2. The issue of relaunch from Start menu or Program menu fixed.
3. The file transfer is over the Bluetooth when you and your buddy are in a close range and both are using the Bluetooth.
4. For Pocket PC: OctroTalk screen resizes to avoid overlap with the screen keyboard (SIP) of HTC Touch.

Anonymous said...

OctroVideo for WM and Symbian S60 phones
Octro, Inc (developers of OctroTalk) has released a new application OctroVideo. You can stream live video and your buddies can view this video anywhere around the globe. All you need is Windows OS or Symbian S60 phone with built-in camera.

Download and install OctroVideo application from Register at Launch OctroVideo application on your phone. Select the menu Stream to begin streaming. Your buddies will enter your user name and can view video at

octro said...

OctroTalk 2.0 is a major release with Real Time Mobile Video Conferencing & Video Streaming to web -- First of its kind. Download at
For support

Anonymous said...

BTW, the issue that was mentioned in the original post was resolved by *GOOGLE* with an update to their GMail software.

Now, addition of multiple buddies at one time doesn't kill the gmail client.

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