Saturday, March 25, 2006

We not only need Mexican workers, we want them!

According to an unscientific Newsweek online poll. The question asked if the U.S. should try to slow illegal immigration by helping the Mexican economy. Out of more than 32,000 responses 50 percent said 'No'!

Should the United States try to slow illegal immigration by helping the Mexican economy? * 32252 responses
I don't know

The basic issue here is the mis-framing of the illegal immigration issue.

It's not a law enforcement problem, it's an economic problem. We haven't been told that, because it hasn't been framed that way. They wouldn't come here to do crappy jobs if they had good jobs back home.



Anonymous said...

They committed a crime the minute they stepped into this county,they have and deserve no rights, not a spot in out schools, or in our hospitals. They don't pay taxes, they draw millions of $$ out of the US.

hognfrog said...

Here, here!!
They are criminals from the git go.
Mr. Bush, build this wall!!!

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