Monday, November 06, 2006

Does supposed liberal media bias help us?

Wall Street Journal columnist James Q. Wilson notes that the New York Times published reports of:

President Bush's allowing, without court warrants, electronic monitoring of phone calls between overseas terrorists and people inside the U.S...[then] that the FBI had been conducting a top-secret program to monitor radiation levels around U.S. Muslim sites, including mosques...[and then] stories about America's effort to monitor foreign banking transactions in order to frustrate terrorist plans.
Conservatives say that episodes such as this prove liberal media bias and that the media is aiding and abetting terrorists. If you were a terrorist, wouldn't each of these issue make your goal and issue that much harder?

Wouldn't you have to figure out a different (harder for the terrorists) way to communicate? Wouldn't you avoid bringing nuclear material near your mosque to hide it? Instead near your house or family, which would be worse for you? Wouldn't you have a harder time moving money around without the government noticing it?

With this information divulged to terrorists on the front page of the New York Times, which I'm not even sure that Osama bin Laden reads, doesn't it make their job that much harder? If our goal is more preventing terrorism, rather than catching them since we create more every day, doesn't the supposed "liberal media" help America, not hurt it?

Just wondering.

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